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5 Easy DIY Halloween decor

October is the prep month for Halloween. The Fall spirit is in full force and the temperature drop invites do indoor activities with some spooky decoration going on. All the spiders, skeletons and vampires can pop out without spending the annual household decor budget. 

Candy Corn Garland

                                                                                                    Antonis Achilleos

A needle and a string can work wonders in a budget friendly decor piece. Therefore, cut the string the length you would like the garland to be and put the needle with the string through the candy corn in order to create the garland, till reaching the desirable length.

Batsy walls


White doors and walls can be brought to life by a cute bunch of bats flying around, because they are super easy and affordable to do with just black card stock and double sided tape, is almost a must to use them to create a beautiful felling of haunted house. 


Spooky Pillows


The old pillows can be dressed up for the festivities. If sewing is your thing scraps of fabric from other pillows or clothing will bring to the theme your couches or beds. As an alternative, because needles aren’t your thing,  you can use fabric glue to achieve similar results, and to get a more dramatic finishes, you can use fabric markers. 

Frankenstein Front Door


A monster has possessed the front of your house, scary bright eyes! The guest that enter the house are going to be gulped within the belly of the Frankenstein. Black and white card stock, double sided glue and a scissor.

Mummy Mason Jar


Beautiful candle holders to illuminate the house in Halloween are a must. And for that reason, Mason Jar Mummy is a simple way of getting the warm of the candles by wrapping the jar in bandage and place them in fireplaces and coffee tables. Any glass jar, two large eyes, some gauze, and double side tape will work to create this cute look

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Back to School Chalkboard Sign Free Printable for Download

The first school day! Great opportunity for a photo to remember in the future. Download  this printable chalkboard sign that will make a memorable picture with your youngsters on their first day of school to remember this milestone. Start your family tradition with a photo and make a great back to school for your kids.

back to school sign chalkboard free print

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Black heart party

Black Heart Party

Looking at the anti trend of unicorns and rainbows we can have a black and white party that still chic and trendy. For this birthday party full of character is a perfect theme for a lady with strong personality and has a crush for this colors. The hearts add the touch of feminism and the black and white gives it the edgy felling of a rebel soul.

This garland features the initial of the name and the short form of the word birthday. In a funny way, your friends will recognize your nick name written in script letters.

The flags are connected with delicate white ribbon and from the main garland, strings of black satin are attached, that drip till the floor.

The black satin strings hold the cardstock black hearts that set the party theme.

The most special part of the garland is the quotes. This are phases that the birthday girl uses quite often and are easily identified by friends and family as hers. It’s a great opportunity to make the guests have a laugh and add some suggestions to it. A few blanc rectangles  can be left empty so that the guest can add other sentences that identify the person in question.

The garland can be used as well as a photoboth where guests can snap a few photos and strike a pose with the quotes they find more appealing or interesting.

For a perfect backdrop add some white and black balloons and give that magical touch with an organza or tulle piece of fabric.

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Balloon curtain backdrop

A party is not a party without balloons, we all agree on that! There are so many sizes, colors and textures that the possibilities are endless. Being so affordable and easy to work with everyone can throw themselves in some DIY. Creating a beautiful composition with balloons only take a few tools that mostly we have around in the house like tape, scissors, glue and string, depending on the style you are going for.

Balloon decorations with lace, loops and fringes

For Alena’s party we decided for a curtain because we wanted a very flowing shape without much structure and easy to hang in an uneven wall. We keep the pastel colors in the balloons and went for a pearl finish. Baby pink, transparent, Tiffany blue and white.

The colors

The curtain that we used as structure was the LILL lace curtain form Ikea, is super light for hanging and the small holes in the lace allow us hold the balloons easily with string. Super affordable and easy to find online in Ikea


Finally to give the curtain a special touch we add a “>light string in between the balloons. The batteries powered string lights assure that the curtain could be placed in a wall without a power outlet. The thin wire is light weight for hanging in the lace.


Detail of the lights in the curtain

The final result was

This backdrop is perfect for unicorn, balloons, clouds and mermaid parties.

Liked the final result? Any comments or suggestions to share? Let us know in the comment section.

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Bubbles and Ballons

Alena’s birthday party (part I)

March was a super busy month for us, our little Alena turned two and as usual we did not have much time in our busy schedules to get together and decide what to do.

Alena snapchat picture

Just like last year we did it the easy way. What does she likes to play with? We wanted to choose a theme that she was liked and happy to participate in … as much as a two years old does.

Choosing the theme

She adores to play with her many pets, paper tissues, make up like mommy, her Ikea kitchen and bubbles…

This part was extremely easy…

Color pallet

The pastel colors were suitable for the theme. A little bit of gold, white pearl and deep blue were added as well. And glitter, of course, always glitter… Sounds a big mix but the living room and the garden are a big area and we had plenty to decor and to work with.

Party Style

A bubble and balloons party asks for a garden party where kids could run around and splash themselves in water, but March is very uncertain  weather related and we didn’t want to take a chance of having to move everything inside last minute because of the region weather uncertainty so we decided to host a Hight Tea indoors. Why a High Tea? We wanted a more informal and relaxed gathering where our friends and family could just pop in and enjoy canapes and drinks while the kids play with bubbles.


Inverting the natural flow of events, we design the invitation before having anything else done. We had just decided on the theme, but it was good enough for us. We were all about bubbles. Regardless being balloons or soap bubbles. A very simple design to ensure the surprise factor. Some were printed and given by hand, some were emailed and happily we can send pictures in WhatsApp. Wink wink.

More info about the party in the next post and leave a coment to let un know what else you want to know about the party

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Party treats

Find our party treats in our Etsy shop



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Happy Woman’s International Day

At Sugary Pompom we love share, so for todays very special date, we put together 2 free prints that you can download here.

You can print it for daily motivation or frame it for a girlfriend gift. Your BFF is away for the day? Email it with a cute note and tell her how amazing you think she is. Your mother is the most amazing super woman you know? Use the print and send her a card to let her know how grateful you are for having her on your life.

Download the two prints





Have a great day



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International Woman Day



Strong  women around the world go thought one more day of their lives  juggling  with family, career, relationships and every other thing that society and culture expect us to be or expect us to do. Very little time is left to appreciate how far we have come as a gender. Apart from the dinner with the girls, we take the day to celebrate accomplishments and small successes that add one more step to the ladder of the inner growth you have endured. So enjoy yourself and share some love with your peers.


Our empowerment  favourite quotes 


“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced”

Malala Yoursafzai


“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day”

Janis Joplin


“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination”

 Mae Jemison


“If you want anything done, ask a woman“

 Margaret Thatcher


“The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be, how much you can love, what you can accomplish, and what your potential is”

Anne Frank

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud”

Coco Chanel

Celebrate and have an empowering day



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“and amazing” cake toppers collection on our Etsy store

and amazing collection pic blog

Your kid birthday party is coming up and you like to plan head? Your company is celebrating a milestone and you want something to light up the cake? You have an obsession with gold glitter? All of the above?

We got you covered!

Fresh from the craft room our “and amazing” cake topper collection features the numbers one to nine in golden glitter. Now in our Etsy store.

Sugary Pompom in Etsy


Customization upon request is available just contact us our  email

five and amazing_cake top


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5 tips to improve your photography

blog post 5 tips to photoshoot

Last months we have been doing a lot of photography for all sort of projects. There was a lot of trial and error going on, the fails were numerous but we learn a lot and we can see a big improvement in the final photos. A little bit of light here, a tinny filer in there and the differences are in plain sight. The 5 tips below are great if you are starting in home photography and need an extra tip.

1 – Select your photo props


Creating a composition of elements that make your subject pop up is a key trick to make your pictures look better. A picture looks more put together when the props are related with the subject you are shooting. Think about what items could bring up your subject best properties and gather elements that are related with it. If you are taking pictures of birthday cakes, candles and confetti would add some sparkle and help you create a party atmosphere. If it’s your garden that you want to take a picture from, add some garden gloves, rake and pots to get the effect you want. If filming children, particularly yours, their favorite toys or accessories, like headbands, favorite t-shirt even the family pet, would help your creating memorable pictures, that would bring back the nostalgia of that particular moment in time.

2 – The surrounds


Make sure you select the place where you are taking your pictures. If you are shooting indoors, in your bedroom or living room, keep it free from things that could draw the attention to itself, stealing the spot light from your subject. You baked a beautiful cake and decor it with icing. If the picture shows all the pots, pans, spatula and food mixer, your will end up looking to all the fuss in the back instead. Outdoors choose a location that is related with you subject and is not full of other similar subjects. You want a nice picture from your new car. A parking lot full of other cars will dilute your car presence and worst case scenario, there is other cars with bright colors that would outshine your new ride.

3 – Have your subjects ready


A new fish in your aquarium?Great time to update your fish tank portfolio. You take the first pictures and notice a few fingerprints in the glass. You go ahead and change the angle and notice that the bottom is not in it’s best appearance. All this fixing takes time that you could be using to capture your new fish first movements in the tank. Preparation is important: choose your children outfit head, comb your dog length, check your make up in different lights then… Note that sometimes we can only notice small imperfections like small stains in clothing or scratches in wall, after uploading the pictures to a laptop.

4 – Get your lights in a row


Light is everything. This can’t be said enough times. That’s why tv advertising is so bright. Day light is for free and looks great. Program you shootings during day, next to a window or a glass door so you can take most advantage of it. Avoid direct sun light because of the reflection and when photographing people because they will be uncomfortable, blink and frown when expose to direct sun light. A cloudy day is perfect because the lights will be diffused and shades won’t be so strong. If your house doesn’t have enough natural light, go outside and choose a spot where you feel comfortable and won’t have people showing up and crossing in front of your camera. The natural light will change during the day, get the most of it by observing the hour that best suits the location. Depending in your house sun exposure, different rooms can have best light in different hours of the day. Early morning can be good in one room and the afternoon in other.

5 – Take multiple shoots in different angles

You can create memorable pictures finding unusual angles. Point and shoot flatly makes your albums look more of the same. Unless you are shooting a subject development over the time. Shoot from above and from below, take profile pictures, focus in a detail of the subject that gives a peek of the whole, move your camera around till you find a new perspective. If the subject is moving, keep going till you got that beautiful spontaneous moment in camera. With time you will find what angles work best that work for you and improve your results.

What are your best tricks for awesome photos? Let us know on the comments, and if you like it subscribe to our blog and have a great day!