5 Easy DIY Halloween decor

October is the prep month for Halloween. The Fall spirit is in full force and the temperature drop invites do indoor activities with some spooky decoration going on. All the spiders, skeletons and vampires can pop out without spending the annual household decor budget. 

Candy Corn Garland

                                                                                                    Antonis Achilleos countryliving.com

A needle and a string can work wonders in a budget friendly decor piece. Therefore, cut the string the length you would like the garland to be and put the needle with the string through the candy corn in order to create the garland, till reaching the desirable length.

Batsy walls


White doors and walls can be brought to life by a cute bunch of bats flying around, because they are super easy and affordable to do with just black card stock and double sided tape, is almost a must to use them to create a beautiful felling of haunted house. 


Spooky Pillows


The old pillows can be dressed up for the festivities. If sewing is your thing scraps of fabric from other pillows or clothing will bring to the theme your couches or beds. As an alternative, because needles aren’t your thing,  you can use fabric glue to achieve similar results, and to get a more dramatic finishes, you can use fabric markers. 

Frankenstein Front Door


A monster has possessed the front of your house, scary bright eyes! The guest that enter the house are going to be gulped within the belly of the Frankenstein. Black and white card stock, double sided glue and a scissor.

Mummy Mason Jar


Beautiful candle holders to illuminate the house in Halloween are a must. And for that reason, Mason Jar Mummy is a simple way of getting the warm of the candles by wrapping the jar in bandage and place them in fireplaces and coffee tables. Any glass jar, two large eyes, some gauze, and double side tape will work to create this cute look

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