Balloon curtain backdrop

A party is not a party without balloons, we all agree on that! There are so many sizes, colors and textures that the possibilities are endless. Being so affordable and easy to work with everyone can throw themselves in some DIY. Creating a beautiful composition with balloons only take a few tools that mostly we have around in the house like tape, scissors, glue and string, depending on the style you are going for.

Balloon decorations with lace, loops and fringes

For Alena’s party we decided for a curtain because we wanted a very flowing shape without much structure and easy to hang in an uneven wall. We keep the pastel colors in the balloons and went for a pearl finish. Baby pink, transparent, Tiffany blue and white.

The colors

The curtain that we used as structure was the LILL lace curtain form Ikea, is super light for hanging and the small holes in the lace allow us hold the balloons easily with string. Super affordable and easy to find online in Ikea


Finally to give the curtain a special touch we add a “>light string in between the balloons. The batteries powered string lights assure that the curtain could be placed in a wall without a power outlet. The thin wire is light weight for hanging in the lace.


Detail of the lights in the curtain

The final result was

This backdrop is perfect for unicorn, balloons, clouds and mermaid parties.

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