Bubbles and Ballons

Alena’s birthday party (part I)

March was a super busy month for us, our little Alena turned two and as usual we did not have much time in our busy schedules to get together and decide what to do.

Alena snapchat picture

Just like last year we did it the easy way. What does she likes to play with? We wanted to choose a theme that she was liked and happy to participate in … as much as a two years old does.

Choosing the theme

She adores to play with her many pets, paper tissues, make up like mommy, her Ikea kitchen and bubbles…

This part was extremely easy…

Color pallet

The pastel colors were suitable for the theme. A little bit of gold, white pearl and deep blue were added as well. And glitter, of course, always glitter… Sounds a big mix but the living room and the garden are a big area and we had plenty to decor and to work with.

Party Style

A bubble and balloons party asks for a garden party where kids could run around and splash themselves in water, but March is very uncertain  weather related and we didn’t want to take a chance of having to move everything inside last minute because of the region weather uncertainty so we decided to host a Hight Tea indoors. Why a High Tea? We wanted a more informal and relaxed gathering where our friends and family could just pop in and enjoy canapes and drinks while the kids play with bubbles.


Inverting the natural flow of events, we design the invitation before having anything else done. We had just decided on the theme, but it was good enough for us. We were all about bubbles. Regardless being balloons or soap bubbles. A very simple design to ensure the surprise factor. Some were printed and given by hand, some were emailed and happily we can send pictures in WhatsApp. Wink wink.

More info about the party in the next post and leave a coment to let un know what else you want to know about the party

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